Green Colours in Rioja

La Rioja

Green Colours in Rioja

The essence of Green colors of Rioja, when the vineyards begin to grow…

The Experience

The wine flowering season falls at the end of winter and in early spring. The colours start to become more vivid. It’s the time to start getting out and getting on with work in La Rioja’s stunning countryside, and to enjoy cuisine that’s fresh from the fields and the river.

Day 1

Afternoon » Arrival » Hotel

Arrival at Hotel and check-in. You will have the rest of the day free.

Day 2

Morning » Solar Viejo Winery

Early departure, you will be transferred (min. 2 pax., choose option when buying) / you will go to to Solar Viejo Winery. You will explore the winery on a bicycle ride around its grounds. At 11:15 you will have brunch in the vineyards and will later enjoy a tasting session in the winery. Once done, you will be transferred / you will go to Haro to enjoy a unique carriage ride around the city and its surrounding area.

Afternoon » Lunch At Vivanco Museum » Tasting SESSION

At 14:30 you will have lunch at Vivanco Winery, a place where tradition, produce from the land, creativity in the kitchen and sophistication on the plate all meet. It’s these features that characterize the cuisine here. A cuisine that understands wine, not only as an accompaniment but also as a raw material from which our dishes are created.

Once the meal is over the museum tour will begin followed by a tasting session, in which we’ll open up a whole new world of sensations to you where wine plays the lead role. Nine thousand square meters dedicated to Wine Culture with original pieces dating from ancient Mesopotamia right through to originals by Picasso, Warhol and Liechtenstein. The place where knowledge and enjoyment of wine meet. A truly unique museum in the world, created with the aim of educating, sharing and interacting with wine, which acts as a civilising element. All achieved through experience, sensitivity, respect and innovation. An original, exclusive and unforgettable way of falling in love with wine and one that we would love you to share in.

You will be transferred / you will go to the hotel.

Day 3

Morning » Beronia Winery

The guided tour of Beronia Winery begins at 12:00, a place that takes its name from the ancient name given to the area we today know as La Rioja, and which is located in the town of Ollauri. Its philosophy is based on three basic pillars: the quality of its wines, respect for the environment, and curiosity to explore the world of oenology whilst always preserving the essence of La Rioja.

As well as going on a tour of the winery, the trip includes a technical visit to the vineyards and an introduction to tasting with three varietal wines.
Immerse yourself in the winegrowing process on this authentic rural visit. You will then take in a tour of the winery’s surrounding vineyards, getting a first-hand understanding of the importance of the grapes and the development of their growing cycle, the varieties we grow and the quality controls we apply.

Once the tour is complete there will be a technical tasting so that you can together enjoy a sensory journey through the different Nuances That Characterize Each Variety.

Afternoon » Lunch At Beronia Winery » Hotel

Lunch will be taken at 14:00 at Beronia Winery, with a traditional Riojan menu in the style of a Basque Txoko* (cooking club). After the meal you will be transferred / you will go to Haro to complete check-in at Hotel. You will have the rest of the afternoon to yourself.

Day 4

Morning » Check-Out



Posibility of Transfers (min. 2 pax., choose option when buying)

4* Hotels

Guided tour of Solar Viejo Winery, Vivanco Museum of Wine Culture and Beronia Winery

Lunch at Beronia Winery. Visit to Vivanco Museum


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